Bell And Howell 6.0 Digital Cameras

Written by James Lyons
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Bell and Howell is revolutionizing the digital world and making it accessible to the masses. This company consistently churns out high quality goods at affordable prices, making once elusive products affordable to everyday people. Bell and Howell rolled out a number of great digital cameras including the Bell and Howell 6.0 Digital Camera. Six mega pixel cameras are typically very expensive, but Bell and Howell created one that's reasonably priced.

Bell and Howell 6.0 digital cameras are slightly thicker than a credit card and weigh just over an ounce. 6.0 mega pixels means your camera has the capability to create prints that look as good or better than traditional photos. 6.0 mega pixels mean that you have incredible resolution and detail at your fingertips.

Digital Camera Features

This remarkable advancement in digital technology offers a number of great features. For instance, the Bell and Howell 6.0 Digital Camera features "One Touch Video Recording." If you're a at a celebration and you want to record some of the action on video, you can do so at the touch of a button. Then you can play it back for your friends just as easily.

Moreover, the battery that comes with this camera is one of the longest lasting batteries on the market. Digital cameras are notorious for dying quickly, so Bell and Howell designed a camera with a rechargeable battery that lasts longer than most of the batteries on the market. In addition, the Bell and Howell 6.0 digital camera has it's own LED screen that enables you to display your photos. If that isn't enough, you can display your photos on your television screen using the TV out plug included in the package.

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