Written by James Lyons
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Camcorders have reshaped the landscape of family entertainment. Gone are the days of Super 8mm video cameras and grainy home videos. Normal people now have access to incredibly affordable digital video equipment that enables families to capture those special moments in vivid visual detail. Like wholesale disposable cameras and Polaroid cameras, camcorders are a great example of technology bringing the world closer.

So what kind of camcorder should you purchase? More an more people are giving up on the old analog camcorders and buying digital camcorders. Digital camcorders have superior resolution, 16 bit sound, longer lasting tapes, and features that make it easier to archive and edit video files. Moreover, digital camcorders are just as simple to use and often easier to operate than the old analog models.

What to Look for in Camcorders

Some other things you should consider when shopping for a camcorder are portability, batteries, and ability to upgrade. Portability refers to the size of the camcorder. The smaller the camcorder the easier it is to cart around and the more likely you are to use it. Smaller doesn't necessarily mean more expensive. You can find smaller models for very reasonable prices.

The standard battery that comes with most camcorders usually lasts about an hour when fully charged. Nearly all digital camcorders use proprietary lithium ion batteries. That being mentioned, you should invest in a spare battery because an hour of shoot time usually isn't enough. Finally, you want to look for a camera that can be upgraded. Can you add a wide angle lens or a microphone? Your camcorder's ability to be enhanced has a direct correlation to how long you'll keep that camcorder.

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