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Camera Auctions

Written by Sierra Rein
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Average in-house camera auctions work very much in the same way as a regular auction commences. At first, the camera equipment is set up in a massive room where potential bidders can wander around and take notes on the numbered items in view. After a few hours of this, everyone collects in a room, where the items are individually auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Some camera auctions are done "silently," however. In these cases, the items are laid out in a room, like before, but the bidders simply put their name and what they can afford on a piece of paper and put this in a discreet box next to the item they want. At the end of the day, the highest bidder will have first chance to purchase the camera gear.

Online Camera Auctions

Of course, the most consumer-friendly of auctions is, of course, the online one. With such giant websites as and, it is now incredibly easy to put information on your new used camera equipment and sit back and wait for bidders to arrive. However, a good price, even for brand new items, is never promised and sometimes you can walk away from one of these auctions with less than you expected to get.

If you think you can make it big at camera auctions, go for it! One good idea is to contact camera buyers who will give you a quote on all of your new and used camera equipment and give you an idea of the price you should sell camera gear at. Once you know how much it is all worth, then you can go into the auction with a little more certainty and understanding.

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