Camera Batteries

Written by James Lyons
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Digital camera batteries are notorious for running out of juice. Just recently, I was documenting behind the scenes footage on a movie filming in Southern California. Right in the middle of some excellent drama, my battery failed. Granted, the infamous battery with the line through it was flashing on the display screen, but I naturally assumed this meant I had a few minutes. Instead, the battery ran out of steam 30 seconds later.

When buying a digital camera, make sure the unit you choose comes with a camera battery charger. You don't necessarily have to go with the one that comes with your camera, but, for the most part, camera battery chargers are the same. Most take around 90 minutes to recharge your battery. That's not bad considering it takes me about 90 minutes to make a tuna sandwich.

Finding Cheap Batteries

One of the many benefits of owning a digital camera is the money you save on film and developing. More importantly, at least for me, is the time you save. You can enjoy your pictures instantly and pick the photos you want to develop. If you own the right equipment, like a photo quality printer, you can develop the pictures yourself. However, you want to make sure the money you save on film and developing isn't spent on batteries.

To save yourself money in that area, you should buy a camera that comes equipped with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. Batteries and battery life are of top significance when it comes to digital cameras. Search for a camera that gives you longer battery life, preferably a camera that comes with rechargeable batteries.

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