Camera Digital Dimage Minolta Z1

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The camera Digital Dimage Minolta Z1 is the most versatile product Minolta offers. When you combine its 10x mega-zoom lens with a 4x digital zoom, you effectively have the range of a 38-1520mm lens. That makes the Z1 perfect whether you're shooting at a football contest or natural preserve.

The camera Digital Dimage Minolta Z1 combines useful features such as rapid auto-focus and continuous capture with its powerful optics. That means you don't have to bother fiddling with settings when your subject is fleeting. Simply point and shoot, and trust your Z1 to handle the rest.

More Features of Your Camera Digital Dimage Minolta Z1

There are several other extras that make the Z1 one of the most popular buys in the world of UK digital cameras. Continuous advance, for example, lets users capture images in rapid succession. Simply hold down the shutter and let the Z1 record a series of shots to store on its buffer memory.

Another feature that helps the Z1 stand apart from other digital cameras UK is its VGA movie capabilities. You can record up to 30 seconds of continuous action, just as if you were using a digital movie camera. While some signal loss is to be expected due to the enormous amount of data involved, the images rendered are still clear and can be uploaded to Web sites or sent over e-mail to friends and family.

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