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Camera Resellers

Written by Sierra Rein
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Camera resellers are the recyclers, if you will, of photography equipment. Their sole business is to purchase, collect, and receive used camera gear and resell it back to the public at a decent, marketable price. They rely on bulk sales, donations, and individually used camera equipment to make a living.

There are many different levels of camera resellers, depending on the specific types, brands, age, and price of the cameras they each choose to purchase and resell. Some only deal in cameras that are 5 years old or less, while others can accept items 20 years or even older. While some only are interested in cameras and their immediate accessories, others are always welcoming used camera bags, tripods, cleaning supplies, manuals, and any other photography-related equipment.

The Professional Appeal of Camera Resellers

In order to be a camera reseller, you have to know a lot about cameras, period. You have to know how to recognize quality and price, and how to refurbish old and dusty photography equipment to look good when placed back on the shelf. You also need to know how to appraise a camera and offer a quote to potential clients, should they arrive to you with camera equipment that they wish to sell to you.

These camera buyers and sellers can be great resources to anyone who has a used camera and is interested in getting a little extra cash for it. You can find a company like this online through many Internet "selling" sites. Simply fill out an informational form, send it in, and wait for a free quote!

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