Canon 10d Digital Camera

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Canon 10D digital camera is widely considered the gold standard in the Canon line. Unlike many starter cameras, the 10D is designed for pros and camera enthusiasts who are looking for peak performance out of their instrument. With its flexibility and precision controls, the Canon 10D digital camera is one of the most popular UK digital cameras among hobbyists and commercial photographers.

The 10D offers better image quality than its predecessor, the D60. Additionally, the updated Canon grants its user a wider ISO range--up to 3200--for optimal shooting, even in the darkest conditions. The optics range the other direction too, permitting excellent depth-of-focus in broad daylight with an ISO setting of 100.

Why the Canon 10D Digital Camera Is So Popular

If you've been in the market searching for digital cameras UK, you know there are products out there tailored to every budget. But sometimes price is simply not a factor, say, if you're a professional who stops at nothing for superior image quality. The 10D is most popular among the hard-core set of camera fans who already have more than a rudimentary understanding of the craft.

The 10D is designed to handle data in all formats, from RAW to JPEG, and offers a 35-zone metering system for perfect resolution and exposure. The 10D is also the first camera in its class to permit direct printing, which is another reason for its popularity. Even if you don't own a computer, with a USB cable you can link directly to a printer and produce stunning shots straight from your camera.

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