Canon A70 Digital Camera

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For about a quarter of the price of the 30D Canon Rebel, you can own the Canon A70 digital camera. While the latter is clearly designed for more recreational shooters, it's still more than capable of giving you the latitude you need to take everyday shots. The Canon A70 digital camera is also powerful and versatile enough to grow into, so if you're a novice, you won't have to upgrade once you've become familiar with your A70's capabilities.

The A70 offers quality resolution, strong color rendering, and a host of automated and manual features. This is important if you are just starting out, as it's easier to learn the inter-relation of aperture, shutter speed, focal length, and brightness when you're controlling your own settings. Once you've mastered these manually, however, you may wish to do without the fuss. That's when you switch out of manual mode and take advantage of the A70's auto-focus and light-metering.

More Reasons To Buy a Canon A70 Digital Camera

For less than 300 GBP, the Canon A70 gives you many of the same features of a high-end digital SLR such as the 300D Digital Rebel. You get a 1.5" TFT screen, several different shooting modes including portrait, landscape, and nighttime, and the ability to shoot mini-movies. Some cameras let users capture 20-30 seconds of continuous motion. The A70, on the other hand, grants its users up to three minutes of digital video capture--and with sound!

This means you can take videos of your family, your friends, or your pets, then beam them via your USM cable to your PC. From there it's simple to crop and edit your pics, take out red-eye, or bump up the resolution and contrast. Once you're all set, simply attach the clip in an e-mail and send it as you would a text message or any other type of attachment. It's that easy.

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