Canon G5 Review

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A look at any Canon G5 review quickly reveals that the model is one of the most promising in the arena of digital photography. Professionals and amateurs both have a slew of options and accessories that complement the G5's already formidable standard features. Among these are 12 different shooting modes, a lightning fast f2, 4x zoom lens, and a robust body design that's equally as stylish.

The Canon DIGIC processor lets users enjoy terrific resolution, while a power-saving design yields 450 shots from a single charge. The CCD boasts five megapixels for sharp resolution and clear colors, and the zoom ranges from 35-140mm in focal length. Add to that spot-metering and focusing, and users get maximum control over their output.

The Canon G5 Review, Continued

The G5, like the Canon Rebel digital camera offers manual and automated settings. Some photographers searching for special effects lean toward unusual settings that an automated system would refuse. An abnormally high or low exposure or fast or slow shutter speed may be designed for artistic effect, which is when manual mode is called for.

If you're just starting out with digital photography, you may want more help in determining which settings are right for a given subject and environment. A look at the Canon G5 review indicates that users are impressed with automated features and the G5's general range. In the world of digital cameras UK, the G5 stands up as a good all-purpose pick.

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