Canon Rebel Digital Camera

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Fans of the Canon Rebel film camera will find their transition to the Canon Rebel digital camera nearly seamless. The same high-end optics and stylish look are still a core part of the move to digital. Moreover, lenses and mounts designed for the film version fit perfectly into their digital counterpart without your having to purchase additional adapters.

Many camera aficionados contend that the Canon Rebel digital camera is the new benchmark in the world of digital SLRs. It offers a six-megapixel sensor and image processor for astounding resolution and is the first digital camera to support an EF-S lens, whose rear element is closer to the image sensor for even better picture quality. EF-S lenses tend to be more compact than similar lenses on 35mm cameras.

More on Your Canon Rebel Digital Camera

In the world of UK digital cameras, the Canon Rebel stands out for its easy compatibility and effortless performance. The Digital Rebel interfaces with all of the more than 60 extant lenses for Canon film cameras, so there's no need for conversion parts. Its CMOS sensor, meanwhile, is the same as that found in the Canon EOS 10D digital camera, widely regarded as the best in image quality of any product on the market.

All of these optical features ensure photo enthusiasts the most power and fidelity available. The Rebel also has an impressive light-sensitivity range, accommodating ISOs of 100 to 1600. That means you can shoot with confidence whether you're surrounded by total darkness or standing in the desert at high noon.

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