Digital Camera Accessories

Written by James Lyons
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Today you could write a book on various digital camera accessories. It seems like every new digital product comes with a million different accessories--a carrying case, extra batteries, extra lenses, and so on. However, it's the accessories that often make the product more user friendly, more durable, more flexible, and more enjoyable. When purchasing a digital camera, look to see what accessories come with the product and which ones come separately.

Good camera cases are accessories often overlooked by digital camera owners. If you own an expensive, high-end digital camera, you should own a high-end camera case to protect your investment. The same logic rings true for those who own digital camcorders or nice traditional cameras. I've seen so many people kick themselves for not respecting their equipment enough to protect it. An attempt to save money ended up costing them much more money.

The Best Digital Camera Accessories

Tripods are also excellent accessories. Tripods have been around for a long time and were used on many of the world's first cameras. These cameras were the size of a large microwave, so you needed tripods simply to hold up these enormous cameras. Carrying those old cameras around was enough to build huge quadriceps. Tripods did not outlive their usefulness and continue to serve as a very useful accessory to serious photographers and filmmakers.

Finally, look to see what kind of pictures you like to take and what kind of footage you like to shoot. This will determine the types of lenses you'll need for your photography arsenal. Different lenses capture different things and give you remarkably different looks. Like I said, you could write a book on the different accessories out there, meaning that camera buffs can continue to enjoy adding to their collections for a long time to come.

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