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Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Digital cameras UK have quickly grown from a high-priced novelty into a practical, affordable, and easy-to-use tool. For about a decade now, digital photography has been popular among amateur (and even professional) shutterbugs, but the technology hadn't yet arrived to justify the high price tags to everyday consumers. Now, those who once swore by their bulky, manual, film-based cameras are making the switch to digital.

Why the sudden change of heart? Well, there are lots of reasons, the biggest of which is that better technology has made the quality of digital images comparable to (if not better than) that of celluloid. And as that technology has taken hold, it's become cheaper and cheaper to produce digital cameras that fit the needs of everyday shoppers and recreational photographers.

The Advantages of Digital Cameras UK

Digital cameras UK offer many advantages over standard film cameras. For one, they completely eliminate the need to purchase, develop, and print film. Since digital cameras store information on a hard disc, it's easy to take hundreds of photos at no additional cost.

Another advantage is that unlimited picture-taking ability lets users simply toss their bad shots and keep only the good ones. That means the overall quality of amateur photography will continue to improve, and people will increasingly learn what makes for better pictures. No more overexposed, washed-out prints or red-eyed faces. No more underlit, low-resolution snapshots of a sea of undifferentiated forms.

Digital Editing

But even crummy pictures taken with digital cameras UK can be saved. If you've only got one shot of your subject, and you're keen on printing (or electronically distributing) it, the wonder of digital photography is that you can process your own pictures. While it's easiest to install software on your PC to help you do this, many digital cameras UK offer editing and processing features built-in.

Take your Olympus 5000 or Canon A80 and crop out the ugly power lines in your otherwise stellar landscape shot. Or add backlight to help illuminate the waterfall or forest behind your subject. Many cameras even offer compositing capabilities that let you move your focus to different parts of your frame.

All the Information on Digital Cameras UK

Our goal at Digital Cameras Guide is to furnish you with all the info you need to find the perfect digital camera. In the pages that follow, you'll learn a little about the aesthetic and the technical side of photography and come to see why the use of digital cameras has become so pervasive. You'll also learn about specific camera models and what they have to offer so that you can better decide which one is suited to you. There are dozens of different digital cameras on the market that come with a range of special features (as well as price tags), but with a little background on your options, it's much easier to find a great match.

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