Fuji Finepix A205

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Fuji's FinePix series of cameras are a very solid line of digital cameras. They are well made and in terms of quality can hold their own against other top of the line digital cameras, even Olympus. Any of the FinePix cameras would be a good acquisition for digital photographers.

Fuji FinePix A205 Digital Camera

The A205 FinPix is intended for novice digital photographers. It is designed with simplicity and user friendliness as its top priorities. Even if you've never owned a digital camera before, you will find the A205 easy to use. It is a simple point and shoot digital that has many automatic features to take the guess work out of photography.

It is only a two megapixel digital camera, but that is not really a drawback here because it is intended for everyday use by inexperienced photographers. Its pictures will come out looking great regardless. It has a standard three times optical zoom and a 2.5 times digital zoom for added range. The auto focus feature guarantees good pictures even at long distances.

This camera is truly designed for the photographer on the go. It is very compact and meant to fit in a small bag or pocket. One of its best travel features is that it is powered not by a lithium ion battery, but by standard AA batteries that you can pick up at any store. It doesn't use much battery power, so you'll not have to change batteries often. You can also try your hand at video making with the A205's video recording capability that can record short clips of about 20 seconds.

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