Fuji Finepix Digital Camera

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Are you shopping around for a Fuji Finepix digital camera? There are lots of reasons to opt for Fujis, from their competitive prices to their sturdy manufacturing. And if you're new to the hobby, the Fuji Finepix digital camera will give you all the basic accessories you need to get moving quickly.

With most Fuji models, a zoom lens and storage card are standard, though they will differ in their focal lengths and capacities respectively. If you need some range in your zoom, the Fuji S7000 boasts a Super EBC 6x Fujinon lens, which gives you the equivalent of 210mm on a standard 35mm camera. Or, if that's not enough, the Finepix 2800 gives you up to 228mm along with an optical zoom that extends to a whopping 570mm.

More Specs on Your Fuji Finepix Digital Camera

The 2800 is one of the most robust UK digital cameras you'll find. In addition to its impressive focal range, the model also gives users great multimedia options, including up to 60 seconds of recorded video capture. This feature is doubly impressive for the audio capabilities that come with it. You can narrate your own mini-movie, then attach it to an e-mail and send it your friends.

Other digital cameras UK in the Fuji line let users emphasize color accuracy. The Finepix F700, for example, offers fourth generation CCD technology for the best resolution and fidelity you could want. Even if you're shooting professionally for a magazine or an event coordinator, with any of the aforementioned Fuji products you'll have the confidence you need to throw your film away and go completely digital.

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