Fuji S5000

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Like other Fuji models, the Fuji S5000 boasts a set of features that make the camera perfect for novices and semi-pros alike. Children can take advantage of the S5000's simple "point-and-click" design, while more experienced shutterbugs can slip into manual mode for full control over their images. The S5000 also comes cheaper than other models in the Fuji line, making it a terrific value.

One of the Fuji S5000's most distinctive features is its 10x optical zoom, one of the longest on the market. Add to that a 2.2x digital zoom, and it's possible to fill your frame with a tiny boat floating way out on the horizon, or a face in a distant crowd. At such magnification, any camera will experience some "noise," so don't expect perfectly crisp images at those focal lengths. Of course, you can always mount your Fuji Finepix digital camera on a tripod for better stability if need be.

Further Selling Points of Your Fuji S5000

The S5000 also offers a strong battery life, so you don't have to continue swapping out fresh sets every time you power up. To preserve your battery life if it's advisable to remove your batteries altogether when the camera's not in use. Oftentimes you can get longer life out of your memory card as well by keeping it separate from your camera when it's on your shelf.

If you're looking for UK digital cameras that are compact in size for easy toting, the S5000 fits the bill. At roughly 4" x 3" x 3" and only 11.9 ounces, it's perfect for stashing in a coat pocket or a purse. And, of course, the S5000 comes with the standard set of focusing and color-balance features that make digital photography comparable to, if not better than, standard film processing--at least in terms of its ease of use.

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