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Mamiya Used Cameras

Written by Sierra Rein
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Mamiya used cameras, even if owned previously, are still the "masters of the medium." As a favorite amongst professional photographers, the Mamiya name is at the top of the game. Ever since Seichi Mamiya first began production in 1940, photo artists have always relied on the company for up to date and innovative technology.

Worldwide, and particularly amongst the pros, Mamiya has been considered the "workhorse" of camera companies. Mamiya used cameras fetch prices equal to new prices connected with other brands. And, because Mamiya cameras are coming out with even newer and better models at a fantastic rate, it is sometimes better to purchase a used Mamiya than continue to try to play "catch up" with the latest technology.

Selling Mamiya Used Cameras From Home

You may have a bit of trouble selling expensive used camera equipment through and online auction, or even in person at a used camera store. Unless you have a definite "buy now" policy established, online auctions can fetch lower than normal winning bids. And it can take over a month to drive to and from neighborhood camera shops to find the best quote for your equipment.

You probably know that your Mamiya camera is worth something, but you may not know how much or how little it has depreciated in the years you have had it. Do not guess about potentially valuable equipment. Get the advice and honest opinion from professional used camera buyers, and you may be surprised about how much you can sell your camera for!

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