Mini Ipods

Written by James Lyons
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Mini iPods can fit just about anywhere. It seems the better the technology, the smaller the device. In the 1970s, computers took up entire floors of buildings. These computers could barely add and subtract. Now consumers can buy mini iPods the size of a wallet that store a thousand songs. You can store your entire music library on a device no bigger than a Pop-Tart.

Imagine your entire music inventory on a device the size of your wallet. If I had posed that question to you 15 years ago, you would have called me crazy. Mini iPods, on the other hand, are anything but crazy. They are real. The CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, was committed to making a more affordable iPod, one that could be purchased easily by middle class people with tight budgets. His solution was the Mini iPod.

Mini iPods Surge in Popularity

These relatively new iPods can hold up to 4GB of memory or upwards of 1,000 songs. The average CD holds about 10 songs, meaning the Mini iPods can hold up to 100 CDs worth of music. Moreover, these are songs you choose, songs you like. The problem with buying CDs these days is that you're stuck with what you get. If you enjoy specific songs by a certain band, you're forced to buy the entire CD for a few songs, unless they have a single.

The iPods and MP3 players are the solution for discerning music lovers. Personally, I'm tired of spending $20 on a CD so I can listen to three songs. With the birth of iTunes and MP3 players, the power is back in the hands of the consumer. The music artists and record companies are still enjoying their financial windfalls.

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