Mitsuba Dv5 Plus

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The Mitsuba DV5 Plus is not your run of the mill digital camera. It is a combination digital camera/camcorder that looks like it has a lot more in common with a camcorder than a camera. As a camera, it is a 4.1 megapixel digital with a four times digital zoom and 16 MB internal memory.

You can use this as a digital camera, but I think it functions better as a camcorder. It is compact, but its design makes it more functional as a camcorder than a digital camera. It does take some good digital stills, but you can get a better digital camera for about the same price from Olympus or one of the other top notch digital manufacturers.

If you're looking for a good camcorder that can also take stills, this is a pretty good bet. It will certainly make some good home movies of your family's Christmas or birthday parties and you can print out photographs of reasonable quality. The 1.5 inch LCD swivel screen makes recording special events easy and fun.

Problems with the Mitsuba DV5 Plus

I will offer one word of warning. I have read several less than enthusiastic reviews of this camera. Some of the complaints I've seen say that it is too hard to understand, others say the viewfinder is of poor quality, while others say that formatting is impossible. I suggest you might want to stick to names you know and trust like Olympus or Fuji.

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