Mp3 Players

Written by James Lyons
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MP3 players are portable music players with limited RAM memory that play MP3 files. Typically, these players can hold between 30 and 60 minutes of music, but newer models can hold much more. The iPods can actually hold an incredible amount of music, typically hours and hours of music for your enjoyment. CDs and tapes are collecting dust as people can now download music and store it on their computers or MP3 players.

The whole concept of compressing audio files started in Germany back in 1987. A collection of some of the brightest minds in Germany collaborated to spawn the MPEG Audio Layer- 3 file format more commonly known as MP3. The Internet is rife with P2P networks that allow people to share music and other audio files. P2P is short for "peer-to-peer." On these P2P networks, participants are able to share bandwidth and storage, files, computing capabilities and networks.

MP3 Players and MP3 Technology

Following the advent of MP3 technology, music downloading became an incredibly common practice. Instead of buying entire CDs, consumers could share individual songs and build their own CDs for little money. Needless to say, the music industry soon stepped in and began filing lawsuits. They argued that people were literally stealing protected material from musicians.

Since then, things have changed over the Internet. Sites like "iTunes" now exist that enable people to download songs at a reasonable price. They can load these songs onto their MP3 players or iPods. Music lovers are no longer forced to buy entire CDs to capture one song. They can literally build their own albums and organize their music in their own ways. The consumer wins and the recording companies win.

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