Nikon 2100

Written by Seth Cotterell
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If size matters in the world of digital photography, then the Nikon 2100 is definitely a winner. It is just about the smallest digital camera there is. If you really want a camera that can go anywhere, this is the one for you. It is great for travel and will fit right in your pocket.

Nikon 2100: A Great Camera for "Normal" People

The 2100 name implies that this is a two megapixel model. Two might not sound like a lot, but remember that this camera is intended for the average, everyday user, not experienced, professional photographers. It's the kind of camera you'd take on the family vacation and would feel comfortable letting your kids use.

You and your kids will love how easy this camera is to use. It really is one of the most easy to understand and operate cameras around today. There are several automated settings that will allow you to easily switch between portrait, landscape, or any of the other 10 modes the 2100 has preset. It will print five by seven inch pictures in crisp detail.

Everything about the Nikon 2100 is up front and straight forward. Even the notoriously difficult self-timer feature is easy to use on this camera. Think how often you've seen a camera's ten second delay fail to go off or seem to go off early when posing for a picture. This won't happen with a 2100 because it is so easy to understand. The included memory card is only 16 MB, so you will definitely need to upgrade soon after you purchase the camera.

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