Nikon 3100

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Nikon 3100 is the perfect camera for novices just getting acquainted with the world of digital photography. It offers the same basic quality rendering and resolution of most Nikon models, but with scaled-back options intended to give beginners a simple introduction to a camera's basic controls. Manual settings let newcomers experiment with different apertures and exposures, while a framing-assist function helps them find better composition.

For only a couple hundred GBP, the Nikon 3100 is an outstanding value. It offers an ultra-compact design for portability, as well as simple camera-to-PC transfer, so it's easy to crop, edit, and print your digital pics on your computer. Plus, the 3100 takes only two double-A batteries, which makes recharging a piece of cake, especially when you're on the move.

More Details on the Nikon 3100

You could spend 1,000 GBP on a 300D Canon Rebel or a Canon 10D digital camera, but these higher-end models are really designed for pros and hard-core enthusiasts. Digital photography is still a budding art form, and there's a steep learning curve that beginners must master before moving on to more complex operations. The 3100's 3.2-megapixel clarity and 38-115mm telephoto range are more than adequate for handling day-to-day needs such as photographing friends and scenic vistas.

The 3100 also boasts several preset scene modes that help beginners choose the suitable settings for every occasion. Whether it's overcast, bright, or pitch black, it's still possible to get sharp resolutions and high color fidelity. You get all the convenience of a point-and-shoot camera with several of the high-end premium features of a digital SLR.

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