Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Nikon Coolpix digital camera is vaunted for its ability to bridge the gap between basic point-and-shoots and advanced SLRs. While there is a range of Coolpix models available, even the basic 4300 offers superb color-rendering and sharpness, even for more advanced users. The 4300 boasts four megapixels, a million pixels more than on the Coolpix 885, one of Nikon's most popular models to date.

In addition, the Nikon Coolpix digital camera offers multi-focus capabilities for precision composition, shutter speeds that range from 1/1000-of-a-second to eight seconds, and a dozen different scene modes. This means you can get optimum results whether you're shooting mountainous vistas or close-up portraits. You even have the ability to shoot extended digital movies, depending on the model you choose.

More Selling Points of the Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera

Opt for the Coolpix 4500, and you get all the same performance features as you would on the 4300, but with an updated, stylish camera body as well. The 4300's swivel design lets advanced users shoot from every conceivable angle for more innovative compositions. There are also several cool lenses such as macros and fish-eyes that mount easily to the 4300, giving you even better artistic range.

Spend a bit more and you can step up to the Nikon Coolpix 5700 digital camera. Like other Coolpix models, the 5700 features the same high-quality Nikkor optics, but incorporates an additional one million pixels and an 8x optical zoom. The 5700 is a bit more advanced, and has a steep learning curve, so beginners are advised to start with a simpler model.

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