Nikon D100 Review

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Read any Nikon D100 review, and you'll find some mention of a camera that "revolutionizes" digital photography. This may seem like hyperbole, but the D100 does boast some incredible features that make it a top choice among serious photographers. Naturally, the price--around 1,500 GBP--is enough to scare off most casual hobbyists.

The Nikon D100 offers 6.2-megapixel resolution, ultra-fast autofocus capabilities, and an advanced image-processing algorithm that ensures top-notch results. High-performance features such as 3D matrix-metering and a built-in speed light set the D100 apart from introductory cameras. If you're new to the world of digital photography, chances are these features will prove extraneous, and even more of a distraction than a tool.

A Look at the Nikon D100 Review

The Nikon D100 review paints a picture of a high-caliber camera with precision Nikkor optics, stylish and portable construction, and a hefty price tag to boot. The extended battery life makes shooting on long trips and other protracted outings a snap, and its light-sensitivity range, which caps out at 1600 ISO, makes it ideal for nighttime shooting as well. Some mainstream magazines have even claimed that the D100 produces the best images yet seen from any digital SLR.

Does all this mean you should drop the money for a D100? Not necessarily. For all its rave reviews, some people note that images look soft, which can be a boon to some subjects but not others. Also, bear in mind that the Nikon 3100 offers a basic package that's certainly competent, and at over 1,000 GBP less than you'd pay for a D100. But, if you're an old hand with UK digital cameras, you may find the custom features and overall performance of the D100 hard to turn down.

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