Olympus 5060

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Olympus 5060 is widely considered the most versatile of the company's digital cameras. The wide zoom offers the equivalent of a 27mm lens on a 35mm camera and extends all the way to 110mm via a 4x optical zoom. Whether you're using xD picture or compact flash cards, the Olympus 5060 can accommodate; it has two card slots, one for each format.

In addition to the 4x optical zoom, users receive a 3.5 digital zoom capability for even greater intimacy in portraits and longer-length shots. The camera supports a range of media files too, including the standard TIFF and JPEG formats as well as RAW files. Veteran photographers will embrace the Olympus C5060's ISO range of 80-400, which lets users shoot equally clearly in dim lighting and daylight.

Other Advantages of the Olympus 5060

Like the 750 C camera digital Olympus, the 5060 includes a hot shoe interface for an external flash, should the built-in flash prove insufficient. This is especially helpful for night photography or for pictures taken in dark restaurants or other dim venues. If you're shooting a wedding or a birthday celebration in a ballroom, your hot shoe hookup can transform your dark, vague snapshots into crisp, well-lit photographs.

The C5060 offers newbies a suite of fully automated settings, but also allows a shift into manual mode for more hands-on involvement with photography's aesthetic components. Light sensitivity, shutter speeds, and aperture are all interdependent, so tweaking the level of one has ramifications on the settings of the others. For optimum results, all three must be coordinated, which the Olympus can do in a blink of the eye, or allow you to do with a bit more effort.

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