Olympus 750

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Olympus 750 delivers quality images at a high resolution for an affordable price. It also packs in a couple of extras such as a hot shoe hookup for an external flash and a remote control. The focal length ranges to 1520mm if you multiply the 10x optical zoom by the 4x digital zoom, which gives you the total effective zoom capability.

The Olympus 750 digital camera has a robust set of features designed to let you manage every element of your photos. Yet despite the suite of options, the camera still checks in at only a few ounces, so it's easy to stash in a jacket and take with you to a ballgame or family outing. Its body is still sleek and stylish, and guaranteed to attract attention wherever you take it.

More Specs on the Olympus 750

The Olympus 750 comes with an ISO range of 100-400--perfect for tungsten or daylight at any level. Even if you're shooting in a dark restaurant or pub, with the built-in flash and spot-metering capabilities you're sure to get a crisp, well-lit shot. There's even red-eye minimization and four modes of white-balancing to ensure your pictures come out optimized.

In addition to these qualities, the 750 supports a range of file formats for universal compatibility. One of the most popular uses of digital cameras UK is snapping photos and sending them along as e-mail attachments, so it's important that your camera interface smoothly with your PC. Olympus has gone the extra mile to make sure that integration is seamless and that you have no trouble converting your data into different forms and sizes from machine to machine.

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