Olympus C740

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Olympus's C740 is an all around top notch digital camera. It usually retails for around $600, but you can find it for less at one of the better online digital camera stores. If you can find it for less than $350, you know you've found a really good deal and it's something you might want to jump at. Some of the best sites will offer free shipping as well.

3.2 Megapixel Olympus C740

The C740 is a 3.2 megapixel digital camera. It takes great pictures with realistic and sharp colors. Some digital cameras tend to capture colors only in the center of the picture. Towards the edge, color quality diminishes. This is not the case with the C740. Colors are bright and clear in every part of the frame, not just in the center.

One of the best features of Olympus's C740 is its zoom capability. It has a standard three times digital zoom, but combines it with a powerful 10 times optical zoom lens for a total 30 times zoom. It is what they call a seamless zoom, indicating its smoothness and picture quality. With this much zoom capability, you'll be able to get great pictures of objects from just about anywhere.

This camera has more shooting modes than most other digital cameras. It has 12 modes that allow you to take pictures in a variety of different ways. You can even customize and save the settings you like most with the "My Modes" option. You'll be able to make fun movies too with the video setting.

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