Olympus C765

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Olympus is one the premier names in photography. Olympus produces a wide range of cameras for photography enthusiasts of all levels. Novice photographers can find quality cameras at very affordable prices and professionals can find cameras with advanced features to make their pictures look even better.

Olympus's C765 digital camera is a solid model. It combines the affordability of middle of the road cameras with the whistles and bells that expert photographers desire. It is affordable without giving up any of the desirable features you'll want in a good digital camera. For even lower prices, you can order from an online store or individual who sells this type of equipment.

What an Olympus C765 Features

So you're probably wondering exactly what you're going to get from your C765. Here is a quick look at some of its best features. The C765 is a four megapixel camera. The more megapixels a digital camera has, the better its pictures will be. Four and five megapixel cameras produce some really exquisite pictures. It also features a combination optical and digital zoom that can increase your zoom up to 40 times more.

For greater ease of use, the C765 has a built in LCD screen. This model has a screen measuring 1.8 inches. This allows you to quickly and easily scroll through your photos to decide which to save to the memory card and which to erase. Its lithium ion battery is rechargeable and has a long life for more picture taking fun. The memories you capture on a C765 will last as long as you do.

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