Olympus C770

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The Olympus C770 is a great combination digital camera. Not only does it take excellent photos, but it makes first rate movies as well. Its MPEG4 video has audio so you can make some truly memorable videos to enjoy for a lifetime. Great still photos and great movie making capabilities make this an all around excellent camera.

The Compact Olympus C770

One thing I like about this camera is its compact design. I don't like to haul around bulky cameras, no matter how good the pictures are. The Olympus C770 is a very small, light weight, four megapixel digital camera that you can take anywhere. It's so small you will hardly notice it. But when the fun starts and you're ready to take those photos, it will be right there in your pocket for easy access.

Another of this camera's best features is its zoom capabilities. It has a 10 times optical zoom that allows you to take beautiful pictures of far away objects. It's also great for objects closer at hand. You can focus on objects from only three centimeters, or about an inch, away.

The Olympus C770 comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. It uses what is called an Li-12B, which has a longer life and more power than previous lithium ion batteries. It's 32 MB memory card is good, but you'll want to upgrade soon. A 256 MB card should meet your needs.

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