Olympus C8080

Written by Seth Cotterell
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I can not think of enough good things to say about Olympus's new C8080 digital camera. This really is a top of the line camera. It is part of the new group of eight megapixel cameras that have begun to appear on the market. Few other cameras can compete with the picture quality of this eight megapixel beauty.

The Advanced Eight Megapixel Olympus C8080

The design of this new camera is completely new. Often, a new camera is just a recycled, suped-up version of an older model, but not the C8080. It is a totally new breed of digital camera from Olympus. Everything from the body to the lens has been redesigned. Olympus built this camera with quality as its number one priority. All the components, especially the camera's lens, are of the highest quality.

There isn't a faster camera anywhere, either. When you hit the power button, the camera can be up and running and ready to shoot professional quality pictures in less than a second. Considering how quickly conditions can change and a picture opportunity can be missed, this is one of the C8080's best features.

I have been a little skeptical about digital camera quality too. I've wondered how much difference there really can be between a four megapixel and an eight megapixel digital camera. Until I saw pictures from an eight megapixel camera, that is. After I did, I realized the difference. The picture quality from an eight megapixel camera is clear and detailed to an impressive level. You've really got to see it to believe it.

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