Olympus D395

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Olympus D395 is one of only a handful of three megapixel digital cameras that can be purchased for around $150. Most three megapixel cameras will run several hundred dollars, but the D395 is an exception. It is meant to be affordable for anyone, even if their budget is small.

The D395 Digital Camera from Olympus

The D395 will definitely take high quality pictures and is suitable for photographers of all proficiencies, but it is intended as an entry level model for those with little or no digital camera experience. Even if you've never owned a camera before, you'll have no trouble using Olympus's D395. Taking pictures with this camera is as simple as point and shoot.

It really is that easy too. Simply point the D395 at your intended object and snap the button. The camera's automatic features will take care of everything else. You can choose between one of four different picture modes including a night mode for better pictures after dark. This is great for city-scapes or other night time pictures.

Another good thing about this camera is the ease with which you can transfer pictures from the internal memory onto your home computer. Some digital cameras require additional drives and a lot of headache to get pictures from the memory onto a Mac or PC. Not so with the D395. All you do is plug in the USB cable and you can download pictures instantly with little or no trouble. This is a very user and budget friendly camera.

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