Olympus D535

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The Olympus D535 is a bit of a rarity in the photography world. It is a digital camera made by a top manufacturer that costs less than $200. In fact, you can often find it for less than $150, making it one of the cheapest digital cameras around. Because it is made by Olympus, one of the most respected names in photography, you can be confident in its quality too.

Extremely Affordable Olympus D535

The D535 is part of the three megapixel line of Olympus cameras. Though Olympus's cameras in this range are all quite affordable it is the only one that can be found for less than $150. A price this low means that a D535 is a great gift for that special person in your life. If the special person in your life is you, well, it makes a great gift still.

The D535 has a 1.5 inch LCD screen, which is slightly smaller than most other digital cameras. 1.8 inches is about average. Even though it's a little smaller than usual, the D535's LCD screen is clear and easy to read. The screen has to be this small too, because the camera itself is extremely compact. It is the perfect camera for travel because it is cheap, durable, and fits in a shirt pocket or small pouch.

If you think that a low price camera will lack the advanced features you want, think again. The D535 has all the bells and whistles you'll want. It has six picture modes, 16 MB memory, 12 times zoom, and is easy to operate. You won't be giving up functionality in order to save money with Olympus's D535.

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