Olympus Mju 400 Camera

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Olympus MJU 400 camera is a step up from its cousin, the Olympus MJU 300 camera, but still offers the essential features. Like the 300, the 400 is a head-turner with its stylish silver body. Beyond that, the finish is weatherproof, so it stands up to some moisture, even if toting your camera through a thunderstorm is ill-advised.

In addition to its sleek, handsome look, the Olympus MJU 400 camera offers easy-to-use scrolling menus, a range of flash modes, and several other extras. There are four separate white-balance functions tailored to your shooting conditions, and spot-metering capabilities that let your 400 take an average light reading from throughout your frame. This means your exposure is perfect every time, without your having to fuss with settings and knobs.

Other Features of the Olympus MJU 400 Camera

Some photographers, however, don't appreciate a fully automated camera. They feel that automatic functions deprive them of control, especially if they're deliberately choosing unorthodox settings for a unique exposure or other effect. Frequently, cameras such as the Olympus 5000, 5060, or 400 automatically choose an ISO, which may not always be the setting you'd opt for yourself.

Fortunately, the MJU 300 turns over the reins to you if that's your inclination. While the light-sensitivity reading is still automated, you retain control over aperture and shutter settings, color balancing, and other aesthetic choices. Ultimately, then, you have the final say in how your digital images turn out--if that's the way you want it.

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