Olympus Stylus 400

Written by Seth Cotterell
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It doesn't matter how experienced or talented a photographer you are, the Stylus 400 digital camera from Olympus is sure to impress. All things considered, it is almost a perfect camera. It is probably my all time favorite digital camera and it's one that any one will be happy to own.

I fell in love with this camera before I ever even turned it on or took a picture. The Stylus 400 is an absolutely beautifully designed digital camera. It has an all metal body that is really attractive. It has a gold/silver combination that is one of the most sophisticated and classy designs on a digital camera.

When I started using it, I liked it even more. It is a four megapixel model and its picture quality is hard to beat. The colors and contrast in Stylus 400 pictures are virtually flawless. Its weather-resistant design allows you to take those photos under practically any conditions.

Making Movies with the Olympus Stylus 400

If still photography is not your only interest, the Stylus 400 can be used to make short films as well. Using the QuickTime mode, you can easily make short movies that last up to 40 seconds in length. It also has five distinct picture settings to add variety to your pictures and capture that true to life feeling. For every thing you get with this camera, its price tag is quite reasonable. If you want to find even greater savings, try one of the discount Olympus camera vendors online. You can often find savings of 10, 20,30, even 40 percent.

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