Panasonic Digital Cameras

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Panasonic digital cameras are known for their seamless mix of artistry and science. Their full-metal bodies are stylish and attractive, while the results produced by their Leica optics is indisputable. With its DMC-F1, Panasonic has bundled practicality, performance, and good looks into one.

If you're searching for UK digital cameras that are designed for veteran users, the DMC-F1 is a smart choice. Professionals will appreciate its 3.2 megapixel CCD and lightning-fast features, which include burst shooting, 10-frame/second motion capture, spot metering, and exposure compensation. Each of these extras, by itself, can take time to set up with a standard film camera, but the DMC-F1 frees you up to point and shoot, then worry later about the results.

More Panasonic Digital Cameras

Panasonic's FZ2 incorporates all of the external features of the F1, but adds improved machinery on the inside. You get greater aesthetic control with the FZ2 thanks to better color-correction capabilities, including saturation control and white-balancing. In addition, the FZ2 includes shutter and aperture priority into its auto-exposure modes, so you have better control over the amount of light entering your camera and the duration of the exposure.

If you're shopping for digital cameras UK, the FZ2 may be a little more expensive than other Panasonic digital cameras, but you'll quickly see the differences. The camera comes with a host of accessories that include lens caps and hoods for greater protection. If you're going to spend for a top-notch camera, it's worth a few bucks more to keep it safe and looking good.

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