Panasonic Sv-av 25

Written by Seth Cotterell
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As far as multi-purpose electronic gadgets go, the Panasonic SV AV 25 is a pretty good one. It is similar to Aiptek's DV3100, though it is considerably more expensive. It combines several distinct uses into one device, and it does it fairly well. Consider this and the Aiptek for all around electronic fun.

Multi-Function SV AV 25 from Panasonic

You can use the SV AV 25 as a digital camera. It does take decent photos for a multi-use gadget. It is a two megapixel digital that does a good job of accurately capturing colors. They are not as vivid as you will get with a true digital camera, but they are good none the less. I think the digital stills from the Panasonic are about as good as those from the Aiptek.

It has several other functions too. It works as a video recorder as well as an mp3 player. It is a good digital voice recorder and it is easy to watch what you've filmed or recorded on the large display screen. The battery will last about two hours and it works surprisingly well in low light situations.

Always remember when you're investigating these types of devices that they are meant for versatility and fun. They do everything well, but not spectacularly. If you want the best digital still photographs, for example, you would do better to consider an Olympus or Fuji digital camera. Many are quite affordable and they are much more durable and their quality is much greater.

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