Panasonic Sv-av 30

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Panasonic's SV-AV 30 is an interesting little gadget. If you're the gadget type of person always on the lookout for new and fun toys, you might be interested in this. I will stress though that the SV-AV 30 is just that, a fun toy. It can be an amusing addition to your toy collection, but it is not functional enough to be considered a serious camera or camcorder.

Versatile Panasonic SV-AV 30

Though it can function as several different pieces of equipment, a camcorder, digital camera, and mp3 player, it does not stand out as any one of these things. As a digital camera, it is only so-so. Its flash does not seem to function properly and the picture resolution is just okay. You definitely won't be filling up the family scrap book with pictures from this Panasonic gadget.

As a camcorder it fails to impress as well. It does record clear images in MPEG-4 format, however you can find a better camcorder for the same price. The SV-AV 30's miniature size is a sign that its memory is not very extensive. You wouldn't even be able to fit your child's music recital on the memory card.

It is a decent mp3 player, but overall this toy is not your best buy. If you want a really good digital camera and with video recording capabilities, I suggest researching what Olympus has to offer. Their products are high quality and affordable. They are a much better bargain than Panasonic's SV-AV 30.

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