Photo Printers

Written by James Lyons
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Photo printers are especially useful for people who own digital cameras. With today's camera technologies, digital camera users can download their pictures on to their computers and print out photo quality pictures. This is great news for consumers and terrible news for photo labs. In fact, many of these photo printers have the capability of producing photos as good as or better than photo labs.

Actors and actresses have found photo printers to be especially useful. Actors often have to spend hundreds of dollars getting prints made of their headshots. The places that make these prints typically give the actors very few options when it comes to how many prints they can order. Consequently, many actors end up with hundreds and hundreds of unused headshots collecting dust in their closet.

Advantages of High Quality Printers

There are printers on the market that literally produce prints that rival professional processing labs. These printers are the higher end models and don't come cheap. However, if you tally up all the money you've spent over the years getting prints made, you'd be shocked. Even a top-of-the-line photo printer would pay for itself in less than a year.

Selphy created a photo printer that hooks into your television becoming an integral part of your entertainment system. You can print and view photos without having a computer. Photo labs still produce the best quality prints, but, with photo printers getting better and better every year, photo labs will soon be a part of your home computer system.

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