Radar Detectors

Written by James Lyons
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Police are using radar guns that can elude many radar detectors. For this reason, it's important that you purchase a newer model radar detector if you like testing speed limits. As more and more local governments experience financial difficulties, local congressmen and women are looking for effective ways to bring in revenue. The easiest thing for local governments to do is closely enforce traffic laws and encourage the writing of traffic tickets.

Obeying posted speed limits is the easiest way to avoid getting a traffic ticket. However, many of us are either unwilling or unable to fully abide by the posted speed limits. Every year, cars are getting faster and more efficient. Engines are more powerful and people are falling in love with speed. In a fast-paced culture it's understandable that the people who make up that culture would put a premium on speed. That mentality is manifested all over this great country.

Uses of Radar Detectors

If you examine the landscape of any major United States city you will notice businesses dedicated to speed and efficiency. Fast food restaurant chains line all major highways. We have grocery stores that have drive-through lanes. We have car maintenance companies that promise to change your oil and oil filters in less than 30 minutes. Low end cars are now easily capable of reaching speeds well over 100 miles per hour.

Radar detectors are devices that complement this way of life. Our police officers are hired to keep our streets and our neighborhoods safe. It's an interesting balance between safety and way of life. If you insist on speeding, then your car should be equipped with a radar detector. Before you purchase one, however, make sure it's legal in your state.

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