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Rate Used Camera Equipment

Written by Sierra Rein
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In order to rate used camera equipment effectively, you need to have a clear understanding of the issues surrounding photography gear. Many experts dedicate their entire professional careers making sure they know the history of cameras as well as the current demands of the market. They also need to know how cameras are built and how to recognize a pristine camera as opposed to a worn down, broken one.

To rate used camera equipment, most appraisers use a simple hierarchy to describe the condition of the gear. This "condition scale" travels from "New" (brand new, never used, in box with all manuals and accessories) down to the lowest marketable level of "Fair" (heavy use with obvious scratches, dents, and wear). Anything lower than "Fair" is either considered unusable or junk.

What to Look for When You Rate Used Camera Equipment?

There are some very specific things to pay attention to while performing a camera appraisal. First of all, look at the initial condition of the camera's body and lens and if it has any noticeable scratches, wear and tear. Next, try the shutter and see if the aperture makes any strange noises (or doesn't make a noise at all!).

Finally, see if you still own any of the manuals, bags, boxes, and camera accessories (such as a manual remote or tripod) that came with the camera. These items can raise the sale price significantly. A used camera is always more useful to a new owner if these items are available.

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