Shower Radios

Written by James Lyons
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Shower radios can make it difficult to get out of the shower. For those of you who live in Los Angeles and enjoy classical music, there are few things better than taking a long hot shower and listening to FM 105.1. I'm sure there are some men out there who are questioning my masculinity, but I suggest giving it a try before you knock it. To play along with this little experiment, you need a shower radio.

I don't consider myself a singer, but I sound great in the shower. What is it about the shower that turns terrible singers into Pavarotti? Shower radios are not what I would call a necessity item. You can live without one. However, for those of you who have stressful lives, and most of us do, the shower can be an excellent place to unwind. Shower radios turn your bathing experience into something a little more enjoyable and expressive.

Additional Features on Some Shower Radios

Music and talk radio aren't the only choices you have when it comes to shower radios. Sure it's nice to listen to your favorite radio stations and your beloved radio personalities, but those options aren't always relaxing. The shower should be a serene experience, one that centers you for the rest of your day.

For this reason, makers of shower radios have created radios that play soothing sounds. You can find radios like this that play up to six different soothing sounds for less than $30. Scientists and researchers have been studying the effects of sound therapy and sound meditation. Their results are inspiring. The sounds included on these radios are sounds that help your mind and body reach a state of true relaxation.

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