Sigma Sd10

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For the ultimate in high-quality reproduction, there are few cameras that can match the power of the Sigma SD10. If color fidelity is what's important to you, the Sigma SD10--with its Foveon Direct Image Sensor--is the perfect choice in digital cameras UK. While most digital cameras "interpolate" pixel color, the Foveon technology allows for three times the accuracy in capturing RGB colors in your shots.

Most image sensors on other cameras process colors through a red, green, or blue filter at each pixel and are therefore forced to estimate the blocked-out information. But the SD10 offers three layers of sensors, which means there's no color estimation. Instead, you get 100% faithful rendering at each pixel for a perfectly colored digital image.

Other Benefits of the Sigma SD10

In addition to its superior color processing, the SD10 also boasts a RAW image format, which eliminates data compression altogether. Most digital images contain too much information to make their file sizes manageable for cameras and PCs and must therefore be compressed, which leads to a deterioration of quality. But the SD10's high definition lets you preserve your shots exactly as they were meant to be seen.

If you're shopping for digital cameras UK, you can choose from "starter" cameras that give users the basics, or you can pick an all-purpose product stocked with premium accessories. The camera you buy depends mostly on your familiarity with the aesthetics and technology of photography. A camera such as the SD10 is more likely to reward a long-time amateur photographer or even a pro than someone looking for an introduction to the art form.

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