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Tamron Used Cameras

Written by Sierra Rein
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Tamron used cameras are relatively young compared to other brands of photographic equipment. Trademarked in 1961, the Tamron name has become synonymous with high precision lenses, video processors, and medium-format SLR cameras. From its humble beginnings in Hasunuma, Omiya to establishing new branches in China, New York, and France, Tamron has become a worldwide force to be reckoned with.

Recently, the Tamron company has received a number of fantastic awards. In 2001, the Tamron company raked in the "TIPA/Best Lens in Europe 2001-2002" award for the AF28-200 XR Super Zoom (A03) and the "TIPA/Best Professional Photo Product in Europe 2001-2002" and "EISA/European Professional Camera of the Year 2001-2002" awards for the RF645 model. With these titles under its belt, it's no wonder that used Tamron cameras are so popular, even today.

Have Some Tamron Used Cameras Yourself?

We all know that camera equipment goes in and out of style. However, used camera equipment can always sell at a higher resale percentage than most other previously owned items. While you may only get 20% of the original price for a VCR or piece of furniture, you may get up to 60 or 70% for your Tamron used cameras!

To get this extra cash, we recommend finding an online company whose sole purpose is to purchase used photography equipment. Its employees will know for certain how much your items are worth, and will facilitate the process easily and affordably for you. To contact our recommended camera buyer for a quick camera appraisal, please click on the link to the right.

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