Telephoto Lenses

Written by James Lyons
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What are telephoto lenses? In short, they are lenses that give a smaller angle of view than a typical lens, though specifically speaking, the name refers to a certain way of making lenses. In fact, most of today's cameras are equipped with long focal length lenses that happen to be telephoto lenses. Telephoto lenses make everything look larger, which can be a problem if your grandmother is trying to lose weight.

Moderate telephoto lenses are excellent for identifying details and separating things from distracting surroundings. These lenses are typically small and very light, making them easy to transport. However, you might want to consider getting a sturdy camera case because these lenses can be easily damaged. You can make your subject stand out clearly against a confusing background by shooting at a wide aperture, meaning more light is admitted.

Telephoto Lenses Help You Capture Details

For those photographers obsessed with small details, telephoto lenses are essential. In addition, these lenses are especially useful when you are confronted with obstacles like a river or a busy street. These lenses enable you to zoom in on small details and capture them as if you were standing inches away. If you absolutely can't move closer, if something is impeding your way, then you'll have to bust out your telephoto lens to capture what you need to capture.

If you are into taking portraits, short telephoto lenses are an excellent choice. This device enables the photographer to take sharp pictures that reveal the many details of the person being photographed. Faces tell stories and great photographs are able to tell these stories in-depth.

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