Written by James Lyons
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For those of you who like composing steady shots, you absolutely need a tripod. These devices are adjustable and enable photographers and videographers to take even shots. Human hands are always moving even when you think they aren't. After I drink coffee in the morning, my hands look like they're having their own private earthquake. If I were performing surgery, my hands would mangle everything they touched.

Fortunately, someone invented the tripod. The triangle is one of the sturdiest designs in architecture and tripods are a simple reflection of this fact. When I break out the camcorder and film my niece blowing out her birthday candles, I want the shot to be clear and steady. I don't want my family getting motion sickness when they watch the video afterwards.

Tripods and Families

I specifically recall my parents frequently mounting their old Cannon camera on a tripod during the holiday season. They always wanted to get photos of the entire family. My mother would attach the camera to the tripod, compose the shot, set the timer, then run into frame. This process occurs to this very day. There are a few differences, however. My parents now own a digital camera and my mom doesn't run quite as fast as she used to. (She's still pretty quick, though.)

If you have a family and you like to take pictures of your family, a tripod is a welcome investment. My parents have been using the same one for 20 years. Look for one that has easily adjustable legs and an adjustable top so you can safely get different angles. This is a light purchase that will facilitate the picture taking process.

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