Two Way Radios

Written by James Lyons
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Two way radios are great for schools, businesses, kids and parents. Many of the newer models weigh significantly less than older models and are small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. Moreover, these new two way radios work effectively for up to two miles. That's not a bad for something small enough to fit in your shirt pocket.

If you have an infant in the house, you might want to look into a baby monitor if you haven't already. These two way radios allow you to monitor your child while he or she sleeps. These radios are especially useful in larger houses and condos where noise easily disperses. Parents want to know when they're child is crying and how their child is crying. Parents can often instinctually differentiate between cries, but they need to be within earshot to make the distinction. Two way radios allow them to be in another part of the house and effectively monitor their child at the same time.

Two Way Radios for Businesses

Property management businesses are notorious for using two way radios. These gadgets enhance their efficiency and improve their communication. They are forced to communicate clearly and succinctly.

Schools have also discovered the benefits of two way radios. Those working security are able to effectively monitor the school hallways and teachers are able to quickly communicate with other administrators around the building. Toy companies have also rolled out two way radios for youngsters. A lot of kids find these gadgets to be infinitely entertaining.

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