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Used B&h Cameras

Written by Sierra Rein
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For many collectors, used B&H cameras are a fun and interesting reminder that even the world of camera manufacturing can be fraught with failures. The Bell and Howell Foton was a jewel of a camera which was introduced by American manufacturers in 1948. The company claimed it took 10 years and one million dollars to develop this one little product.

Unfortunately, the B&H Foton camera was considered a failure in merchandising and pricing. Bell and Howell simply misjudged the camera equipment value of the Foton and expected that customers would be willing to pay a high price for such an advanced camera for the times. Instead, people decided to go with a cheaper model, and the B&H name passed into history.

Do You Have Used B&H Cameras?

It is an easy thing to find collectors and buyers of used camera equipment, especially for those interested in the fine quality of B&H. There are many online and in-store camera buyers who can easily arrange either a trade in or a purchase of your Bell and Howell cameras. With the current value of collectable and used cameras still quite profitable, these companies can certainly become a great help to you.

You can then ask the online camera buyer to take a virtual look at your equipment through emailed descriptions. Simply email them the make, model, condition, and any possible defects to them, and they should be able to email you a good price based on current used B&H cameras' prices. To contact our favorite camera selling source, click on the right hand link.

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Used Tokina Lens

I wonder if B&H also sells used Tokina lens. After reading the Tokina 11-16 review here at I become interested in buying it, but I want to get it used since it is quite expensive.