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Used Camera Values

Written by Sierra Rein
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When a piece of photography equipment crosses an appraiser, he usually has a series of used camera values to reference in order to arrive at a reasonable and fair price. These are based on a variety of variables, most pertaining to current market trends. They tend to change on a monthly basis and are always updated to reflect the most recent changes is film and digital photography technologies.

Of course, the first variable to consider when it comes to used camera values is the make and model of the camera. The more refined and complex the camera, the more the purchase price will be. Most cameras that were made for professional headshot, wedding, portrait, and journalistic photography will fall near the more expensive side of the scales, as opposed to a smaller, simpler, more automatic consumer model.

How Condition Effects Used Camera Values

The more worn and dinged up a camera is, the less camera buyers will be willing to purchase it from you. This simply has to do with the resale value, and how long the camera will last with a few more years of wear and tear. If a camera is still in its box or can come with original manuals, it can be considered in excellent to almost mint condition, especially if it is still under a warranty.

Even if you do not have a brand new camera, you can still get some great used camera quotes. Some camera aficionados and collectors love the interesting qualities inherent in older camera models, and well-cared for cameras of 10 years or more can fetch a reasonably good price. If you would like to get cash for used cameras, feel free to contact online camera buyers for free quotes on your equipment.

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