Wholesale Camera Drop Shippers

Written by James Lyons
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Wholesale camera drop shippers can put some relief on your wallet. Drop shippers truly eliminate the middle man and most of the price hikes associated with entities in the distribution chain. Why is it that you can buy the same camera for 20 different prices? The answer is simple--middle men buy products from the manufacturer in bulk and raise the price of the product to make a profit. This is great for businesses but bad for consumers.

The Internet has changed the distribution chain. Now, normal people are able to run distribution centers from their home computers. Drop shipping is one of the latest home business trends where individuals can act as distributors. These individuals get products directly from manufacturers and sell the products to consumers. The consumers usually get these products at a dramatically reduced price.

Where to Find Camera Drop Shippers

The World Wide Wed is a haven for wholesale drop shippers. When looking for cameras or camera supplies, you have a number of different options these days. You can go to a retail store like Radio Shack, Best Buy or Circuit City. These chains normally have good deals on cameras, camcorders, and other consumer electronics because they buy in bulk from the manufacturers and/or wholesalers.

In addition, there are wholesale outlets scattered around the country where you can buy wholesale camera equipment. These places usually require a bit of a drive because there aren't too many of them. Another viable option is to look for wholesale camera drop shippers who get the products straight from the manufacturer. It's a relatively new form of product distribution that's gaining popularity with consumers, especially since internet purchases can be delivered to one's door.

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