Wholesale Digital Cameras

Written by James Lyons
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If you've put off buying a digital camera, look into wholesale digital cameras. Several years ago when digital cameras first started hitting the stores, the prices were awfully high. Digital cameras were a novelty reserved for the privileged or the professionals. Today, digital cameras are as affordable as normal cameras. In fact, you can buy digital cameras at wholesale prices and eliminate the "It's too expensive" excuse altogether.

The first digital cameras created for consumers were the Apple QuickTake 100 cameras. These cameras were released on the market in February of 1994 and could work with a home computer via a serial cable. The Kodak DC40, the Casio QV-11, and the Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Still Camera soon followed. The way we take pictures was dramatically transformed over a few years.

The Evolution of Wholesale Digital Cameras

When Kodak rolled out the DC40 digital camera, the company naturally supported the roll out with an incredibly aggressive marketing campaign. Kodak worked with Kinko's and Microsoft and they collectively created digital software workstations and kiosks that enabled customers to produce their own photographs and photo CDs. Later, Hewlett-Packard created color inkjet printers that worked with digital cameras. This started at trend with photo quality printers.

The evolution of digital cameras is astonishing. The first cameras were understandably expensive. Brand new technology usually means spending pockets full of brand new twenty dollar bills. As the cameras get better, so do the prices. In addition, as the cameras evolve, business and distribution strategies evolve. Now is the time to buy digital cameras at reasonable prices.

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