Wholesale Wedding Cameras

Written by James Lyons
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Wholesale cameras can do wonders for a wedding. I've been to a number of weddings and my experience with each has been similar. The actual ceremony is always lovely, but the reception typically devolves into a wild frat party. People who normally don't drink or drink very little suddenly decide to tie one on and do the "alligator" on the dance floor. Weddings are the best time to take pictures.

If you are currently planning a wedding, look into wholesale wedding cameras. You can get cases of 30 cameras for around $130. Many people bring cameras to weddings but often forget to use them for fear of the cameras getting damaged. Who can blame them? When you have Uncle Charlie doing handstands and groomsmen having chicken fights, things will get damaged.

Wholesale Wedding Cameras Are Icing on the Cake

Pardon the wedding pun, but wedding cameras are that extra bit of icing on the cake. Having a case of these disposable cameras ready gives all of your guests the opportunity to document this beautiful occasion. The wedding photographer will do his or her job taking the nice, tasteful pictures of the wedding, but may be the one taken by the inebriated Maid of Honor that will bring back the memories.

Over 500 people attended my sister's wedding in Houston, Texas. The wedding photographer did a wonderful job, but to this day, the photo album we look at more often is the one that houses pictures taken by the guests. We had no idea everyone had so much fun until they showed us their pictures. To this day, friends and family say to us, "Man, I wish I had a camera that night." Fortunately, some of them did.

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